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The WOOF! approach

We undertake all dog walking services ourselves. Depending on where you live, and on what you want from your dog walking service, we accommodate all requests. From gentle strolls around the block, stopping to sniff out scents, to more vigorous, and energetic walks (we’re both distance runners), we are able to tailor our services to meet your needs. And we will only ever walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time, for your best friend(s) safety and comfort.

All of our walks are GPS tracked to give an accurate record of where your best friend(s) went on their walk, how fast or slow they chose to go, and the variations of route that we provide for your best friend(s). This information, along with pictures of your best friend(s) walk/day out is sent via email/WhatsApp at no extra cost. While in our care, your pet will wear their own collar and tag. WOOF! recommend all dogs be micro-chipped for extra security.

2018/19 Prices

1 Hour WOOF! Walk (local to you) – from £11

2 Hour WOOF! Walk (to a nearby country park) – from £20

1/2 Day WOOF! Wanderer (play at beach/woodland areas) – from £55

Multiple dog discounts are available

Any other WOOF! Workout priced on consultation


If you’d like your best friend(s) to benefit from WOOF! Services:

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