House, food and toys for the dog

The WOOF! approach

We visit you in your home to meet your best friend(s) and to discuss your needs. If happy, we’ll register you and your pet – then you’re free to book whenever you wish.

Your best friend(s) will stay in our family home, or with one of our extended WOOF!Family of home boarders,* so you can be sure of a loving, home-from-home family environment in which your best friend(s) can relax. Ours is a family business, so unlike other businesses offering similar services we only accept people from within our circle of friends and family as home boarders. People who are experienced, enthusiastic dog lovers. People we know, love, and trust to care for your best friend(s).

To make the process as easy as possible we collect and return your best friend(s) in the WOOF!Wagon. From experience, we find this works best in terms of minimising the stress your best friend(s) may feel when leaving you – it can confuse them when they see you walking off and they are left behind. Far better to have them leave you and return super-excited to see you again. However, we are adaptable and will always accommodate your needs if you do prefer to bring your best friend(s) to us. And to keep you posted on what your best friend(s) gets up to while you are away, you’ll receive WOOF! “Reports” each day via WhatsApp or email.

2018/19 Prices

Registration fee – £25 upon first registration

Daily boarding fees – £24 (2nd/3rd pet £17 each)

Collection/return – from £20


If you’d like your best friend(s) to benefit from WOOF! Services:

Call/Text Matt or Lisa 07498 025 780 | Email | Contact

*WOOF! Family Homes are licenced by Wigan Council, which means that an animal welfare officer inspects each home for safety and suitability.